Why is Andy Murray donating his season earnings to UNICEF Aid?

Why is Andy Murray donating his season earnings to UNICEF Aid

Why is Andy Murray donating his season earnings to UNICEF Aid?

35-year-old Andy Murray proclaimed back in March that he would contribute the rest of his season earnings to Ukraine UNICEF Aid to support children suffering from the Russian invasion.

The 3-time Grand Slam champion opened up about his continued activism ahead of the Citi Open, a hard court tournament that is being held in August.

He wants to make sure that the world is still aware of the ongoing Ukraine crisis, which has been going on since mid-February Russian invasion.

“It’s not the focal point on the news every day like it was back then,” Murray said, via Ben Rothenberg of Racquet Magazine. “You can’t just overlook this. It’s still going on and that is the harsh reality. People are still losing their lives, children are still having to run away from their homes, and are in really, really heart-breaking situations. I think it’s imperative that the media continues to cover this stark reality, keep talking about it.”

After the February Russian invasion of Ukraine, tennis players and tournaments were more forthright about the crisis. Some even wore ribbons in support of Ukraine during Indian Wells tournaments almost 5 months back, for example. Murray felt like the moral backing from the tennis fraternity has lost the impact in recent months in comparison.

But, support for Ukraine is back to being the focal point at the Citi Open. On top of bequeathing his earnings this upcoming week, Citi Open also declared that they will match Murray’s earnings to additionally donate to Ukraine relief.

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