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Maria Sharapova makes waves in the tech wellness space

Maria Sharapova makes waves in the tech wellness space

Maria Sharapova makes waves in the tech wellness space : Maria Sharapova uses the smartest workout warm up and recovery gadgets. Theragun PRO, Theragun Elite, and Theragun mini massage guns are her favourites when it comes to handheld massage equipment and she uses all of them to prepare her muscles for any upcoming workout and to improve her recovery. She also favors the Wave Roller, one of Therabody’s oscillating foam rollers.

“As an athlete, I know first-hand the importance of looking at health from an all-inclusive perspective. Getting your body into it’s zenith condition isn’t just about the effort you put into training. Preparation and recovery are crucial to performing at your finest”

the erstwhile Grand Slam Champion explained.

In fact, Sharapova was so satisfied of Therabody‘s products that she opted to participate as an investor in the company and join the review board. “Since Therabody’s launch, they have remained committed to their goals and have been demonstrating how cutting-edge technology and benefit fitness, and wellness, bringing more balance to people’s lives,” she stated.

“I’m excited to join the team as they continue their quest to transform and develop the tech wellness space.”

The Maria Sharapova Warm-Up

Before proceeding to the court, Maria utilizes the Theragun PRO to warm up her muscles and get her body ready for the impending session. While she concentrates on her shoulders, she also makes sure to pay due care to her calves, lower back, and remainder of her body.

The Wave Roller, one of Therabody’s vibrating foam rollers, is also an important element of her warm-up procedure. “I love using the Wave Roller my calves and on my hamstrings before I train. It’s a great way to kick off a hard workout and relax the sore muscles.”

The Maria Sharapova Recovery

Sharapova also utilizes the Theragun PRO on her entire body right after she gets off the tennis court, seeing that healing is such an essential part of training and participating on a peak level.

For recovery on the go or in between meetings, she always carries the Theragun mini with her. “It’s so useful and compact fits right in my travel bag, making it easy to sustain my recovery routine wherever I am and whenever I require it.”

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