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Andy Murray’s Wedding Ring Stolen | Kim Sears Not Amused

Andy Murray’s Wedding Ring Stolen

Andy Murray’s Wedding Ring Stolen : Andy Murray has been protecting his wedding ring in an unexpected place during his tennis matches, as you have no doubt by now heard.

Andy Murray keeps his sacrosanct ring secure when playing matches, by tying it through his laces.

“That way I won’t lose it if it’s tied to my shoelace,” Murray told Italian Sky Sports awhile back. “As soon as the game is over I put it back on.”

He felt the chances of him losing or misplacing the ring were greater if he kept them in his bag.

But that was what he said then, because the present-day Andy seems to be a bit careless about his wedding ring, or that is what we can infer.

Andy Murray has taken to social media to come out with the shocking news that his wedding ring has been stolen after a mishap with his tennis shoes.

The 3-time major winner is busy warming up to get into the action at the Indian Wells Open, and then there is incident of his shoes getting stolen, with his ring still tied to the shoe lace.

Watch the video below in which he has ended up issuing an appeal for the return of his wedding ring.

The British star further went on to explain that he left his tennis shoes outside beneath his car to dry out overnight – but they were nowhere to be seen when he returned in the morning.

Calling for social media users to help him out, Andy Murray light-heartedly pleaded for the return of the ring – to help him smooth things over with his deeply upset wife.

Andy tried to justify his action by saying that his room doesn’t have a balcony so he had no place to dry his stinky and wet shoes. He decided to leave the shoes underneath the car, to get some air to them and dry them out through the night.

By all the reactions on social media, it is clear that losing the shoes is not the issue here. Kim Sears maybe tempted to ask him why he left the ring laced up on his shoe and why he didn’t put it back on after the game? On her part she is justified in being totally upset!

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