Today January 28, 2023

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Learn How Azarenka Blasts Her Forehand Using Leg Power Victoria Azarenka’s Leg Powered Forehand (Tennis Hack Explained) 1. Bend your knees and shift that momentum into your forehand power 2. Practice makes perfect and you can do it with a chair at home.

Victoria Azarenka Speaks Openly About the Exploitation of Women in Tennis In this video Victoria Azarenka speaks oepnly about the exploitation of female players. She mentions that this happens ?right and left?. Victoria Azarenka believes that there is indeed a lot of exploitation happening in women?s tennis even on this presetn day. Victoria Azarenka, a […]

Victoria Azarenka off court talents : Watch this video in which Victoria Azarenka shows her talents ‘off the court’ after being confined in during practice Former World No.1 Victoria Azarenka a short time ago shared an amusing video where she was fleeing from a locked tennis court. Victoria Azarenka has had a difficult time with […]

Pictures of Victoria Azarenka by the beach taken by her new boyfriend? Victoria Azarenka’s fans have been speculating about a boyfriend and probably her sexy picture was taken by him. Victoria Azarenka had a good run in 2020 when the tournaments were back. The erstwhile world top seed won the Western & Southern Open before […]