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The Truth Behind Sugarpova and Maria Sharapova’s Shoulder Injury

The Truth Behind Sugarpova and Maria Sharapova’s Shoulder Injury

The Truth Behind Sugarpova and Maria Sharapova’s Shoulder Injury – Maria Sharapova is perhaps the most charming tennis players and sportswomen of the last two decades, she has won a lot and has experienced several ups and downs throughout her career, but presently, we can say that the Russian is no longer only recognized for her role as a tennis champion.

During the Second Life podcast, Sharapova spoke about why she opted to pursue a vocation outside the world of tennis. Sharapova was a former world number 1 seed, a position she held for 21 weeks and has won 5 Grand Slam titles with 31 other titles.

Furthermore, Sharapova is the only Russian tennis player and seventh in history to have accomplished the Career Slam. In addition to being a big champion, Sharapova has also made substantial gains: she has been connected with several key brands throughout her career and has even started her own company.

Why did Maria Sharapova create her own company?

Maria Sharapova won her 3rd Slam title at the Australian Open in 2008 making her number one seed in the world again. After this accomplishment everything changed with Maria who developed a tear in the tendon of the shoulder, the second serious injury there and was compelled to go through surgery.

Maria Sharapova’s Shoulder Injury

She said: “At that time I was working non-stop to try to win even without my father, I wanted to show everyone my level and I was playing great. The injury changed my plans and I can say with absolute certainty that that stop gave me a new perspective on the way of life and meant that I wanted to have something that I also felt a little bit mine.

In fact, in 2013 Sharapova started the candy company called Sugarpova and many have pondered the reason for this choice. Sugarpova currently has 12 unique flavors of gummy candies and is one of the most popular brands in the globe in this industry.

My company, my brand. These candies symbolized a memory I had brought to my friends in Russia from the U.S.A.” In the meantime, the Russian, through her social media networks, revealed that she and Alexander Gilkes are formally engaged and are preparing to unite their love in marriage.

Sharapova has been in a relationship with the British entrepreneur since October 2018. It is therefore time to take the next step for Sharapova, who announced her departure from the sphere of tennis at the Australian Open in 2018.

Sources: TennisWorldUSA

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