Speculations are that Maria and Nadal’s baby could be named Sebastian – Here is why

Speculations are that Maria and Nadal’s baby could be named Sebastian

Speculations are that Maria and Nadal’s baby could be named Sebastian – Here is why

On Saturday, October 8, 2022, Rafael Nadal’s wife Maria Francisca Perello gave welcomed their first baby. The couple became happy parents for the first time in their lives as their baby boy emerged and stole their hearts.

According to Spanish news reporters, the child was born in Mallorca, which is Rafael Nadal’s hometown.

Nadal, 36, met Francisca Perello, 34, through his younger sister Maribel when they were teenagers.

Maria Francisca Perello and Rafael Nadal, whose courtship started in 2005, tied the knot just before the global lockdown period. They will celebrate their third wedding anniversary on October 19. There have been no official statements from anyone in the family yet on the child birth and the paparazzi seem to be giving the couple some space during this private moment.

An age-old practice in Mallorca suggests that a newborn baby is named after his grandparents. This implies that Maria and Nadal’s baby could be named Sebastian, which is the Rafa’s father’s name.

It remains to be seen whether Maria and Nadal’s baby will be named Sebastian in line with the Spanish tradition or will a fresh name emerge ignoring the superstition that ages back hundred of years.

Xisca Perello has never been a tennis player, however she is serving as a general director for the Rafa Nada Foundation, a charity organization.

Not too long back at the fifth edition of the Laver Cup, Roger Federer proclaimed that the exhibition event will be the last professional event of his eminent career. This was the 1st time that all the members of the Big 4 were united to play for Team Europe.

While Rafael Nadal was thinking about skipping the Laver Cup due to his persistent abdominal injury, the Swiss legend persuaded him to attend.

Federer wanted to play his last match beside his pal and the renowned pair lost a close doubles match against Frances Tiafoe and Jack Sock of Team World. However, before the competition began, an interviewer asked Roger Federer if he had any advice for Rafael Nadal, who was about to become a father.

Here’s what Roger Federer had to say to the Spaniard:

Hug the moment. While you will always enjoy your Grand Slam successes and professional endeavours, you will soon know-how new emotions and celebrations on a greater level than you ever imagined through your family.

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