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Andy Murray’s Daring New Anchor Man Style Handlebar Look

Andy Murray’s Daring New Anchor Man Style Handlebar Look

Andy Murray’s Daring New Anchor Man Style Handlebar Look : Andy Murray went down fighting against Caper Ruud at the San Diego Open this week, but that gave him time to explore the city he loves so much.

Andy Murray surprised his fans by posting a rare selfie while proclaiming his love for the city while sporting a pretty interesting new look.

Andy, who is usually an extremely private person, took a rare selfie and uploaded it on Friday to expose his brand-new style in the form of an Anchor Man-style moustache!

The Scotsman held an intense look as he took the shot, letting his new facial hair do all the magic.

Making an obvious reference to the comedy film, starring Will Ferrell, Andy jokingly captioned the photo:

“San Diego what a city! Maybe the best I’ve been to on tour. Discovered by the Germans in 1904 would you believe!

He also shared a video clip panning across the scenic harbour where Andy reinvented an Anchorman scene in narrative format, much to his admirers’ delight.

When Andy isn’t touring for work, he lives in a £5million Surrey mansion with Kim and their 4 children. Their latest addition was born just 6 months back and although we don’t see the family much on social media, Andy did give an interview to The Mirror, giving an insight into their lives.

“Seeing the kids sitting at the table, behaving and eating their food and going to bed at the right time, those sort of things make me proud,” the star admitted.

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