Robert De Niro Snubs Roger Federer

Robert De Niro Snubs Roger Federer

Robert De Niro Snubs Roger Federer : Robert De Niro rubbishes a proposal from Roger Federer to be a part of a Switzerland Tourism spotlight.

The Oscar-winning American actor justifies his refusal by stating that “Switzerland is just too perfect. ”

Watch how Federer gets snubbed by De Niro:

Switzerland remains one of the planet’s most cherished tourist destinations. But, Robert De Niro looks at it differently and you cannot imagine how diverse a thought process a film maker/actor could have.

The Oscar-winning American acting icon snubbed Federer by outright refusing to be a part of the tourism spot for Switzerland because “there’s no drama, absolutely no drama at all.”

De Niro conveyed this to Roger Federer, tennis superstar and the latest Switzerland Tourism (ST) ambassador, over a video call. In the video call, it can be seen that Federer is trying his best verbal pitch to depict the glory of Switzerland to De Niro; an effort to make him says yes, but he doesn’t budge.

“Switzerland is just too flawless”, remarks a disturbed De Niro and sums up why you should visit the Alpine nation.

Roger Federer joins hands with Switzerland Tourism as its brand ambassador.

Earlier this year, Federer became Switzerland Tourism’s official ambassador. “I have always felt, every time I step on the court, I am representing my country Switzerland. Each Time it says my name, there is a Swiss flag next to it. I have been very gratified to do that for the first twenty two years I have been on tour, and it will always be like that. To join forces with Switzerland Tourism now is a rational and compelling step for me.”

A special reference goes to another Oscar-winning American actor when De Niro tells Federer, “Maybe call Hanks.” De Niro was obviously implying Tom Hanks, who is deemed as one of the nicest people in the acting business.

Watch the full Switzerland Tourism Ad featuring Federer and De Niro here:

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