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Mike Tyson impressed with Serena Williams’ Boxing Skills

Mike Tyson impressed with Serena Williams’ Boxing Skills

Mike Tyson impressed with Serena Williams’ Boxing Skills

Watch this video in which tennis ace Serena Williams is seen practicing her punches with some guidance from legendary boxer Mike Tyson.

Serena Williams has been literally dictating her way around the tennis courts for years and now. It is only off late that she is facing stiff competition.

There are talks going around that she would be retiring soon from pro tennis.

If you are curious to know what is next for Serena after tennis, then maybe this article may give you some ideas.

Apparently, the speculations doing the rounds include MMA and boxing.

She has truly impressed former boxing champion and living legend Mike Tyson with her skills with the gloves on.

Mike Tyson tweeted a video where he is seen giving Serena, who he describes as the “Greatest Of All Time”, some pointers before he holds up a boxing bag while she practices her punches. “Wouldn’t want to get in the ring with this GOAT @serenawilliams,” he tweeted with an appropriate boxing glove icon/emoji.

Serena Williams starts off with a simple “left-right” sequence and slowly increases her tempo.

She is heard making her signature rumbles as she smashes the punching bag. She goes on and on with boundless energy and finally when she is done, she backs away and catches her breath.

Needless to say, fans were fascinated by the video.

“Wow, amazing video. The great Mike Tyson and the great Serena Williams. Two of my favorite athletes of all time. Serena has some power. I think she could be a pro boxer,” a user tweeted.

“Serena would’ve been a great boxer. She would’ve been great at any sport she wanted to do. I saw her live in Miami, she has every tool in her kit. Speed, power, agility, flexibility, intelligence … everything,” wrote another.

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