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Serena Williams flips an embarrassing incident into a funny one

Serena Williams flips an embarrassing incident into a funny one

Serena Williams flips an embarrassing incident into a funny one.

23-time Grand Slam champion and younger of the Williams sisters, Serena, is a popular character both on and off the court.

She is presently promoting the forthcoming film, ‘King Richard’- that is based on the life of her father, Richard Williams.

Intriguingly, distinguished Hollywood star Will Smith is playing the role of Richard in the film.

The always fun-loving Serena Williams was recently involved in a funny situation.

She was preparing for a show and was almost ready for the shoot when suddenly something awkward happened to her. And this was how she expressed herself:

“Why do these things only happen to me”- Serena Williams

While getting all made up for the show, Serena unintentionally ripped her pants from the rear end.

She sat on the chair and the trousers were so tight that they were broke apart at the seams just before the show.

It was both an embarrassing and hilarious moment for the former World No.1 player and she exploded into laughter after the incident took place. And this is what she had to say:

“Why! Why! I promise you, these things only happen to me!” exclaimed Serena.

Even though her slacks got ripped, Serena didn’t halt the show but instead she took to social media to let her fans laugh along with her. And while doing so she taught her fans a useful life hack.

She revealed how the crisis could be resolved by easily wearing a jacket around one’s waist and then wearing the coat over it in order to conceal the torn section.

Later, she stressed that no matter what happens, the show must go on.

“The show must go on, no matter what, the show must go on,” said the 40-year-old.

We all know Serena is known for her positive attitude. In this instance she transformed a potentially humiliating incident into a funny one and in fact imparted a hack to her fans. Such is her genius!

Fans haven’t seen their favourite Serena Williams on the court for quite some time now. It seems that she won’t play any professional tennis for at least a couple of weeks and may only make a comeback at the Australian Open 2022.

The bigger question that is doing the round is that will she win her 24th Grand Slam title before hanging her tennis racquets for good?

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