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Drunken Fan Blows Nick Kyrgios’ Fuse | Requesting her removal was the right thing!

Drunken Fan Blows Nick Kyrgios' Fuse

Drunken Fan Blows Nick Kyrgios’ Fuse | Requesting her removal was the right thing!

Nick Kyrgios has always been brave & out spoken as mincing words is not his play.

Over the years he has had his fair share of altercations with fans in the crowd. At the 2022 Wimbledon final against Novak Djokovic, he lived up to that reputation.

This time, an apparently drunk woman in the crowd was distracting Kyrgios while he was serving. He requested the umpire to kick her out and said she almost cost him the game during the 3rd set.

“Why is she still here? She’s drunk out of her mind and talking to me in the middle of the game,” Kyrgios said. “What’s acceptable?”
The umpire responded he wasn’t sure which fan Kyrgios was referring to, to which Kyrgios said she was the one “who looks like she’s had about 700 drinks bro.”

During play, spectators are asked to be silent, so if there were any disturbing noises made while he was serving, then he had a valid case to request the removal of such fan.

On the other hand it is also true that Kyrgios has built an incredible reputation for his outbursts on the court. He was fined two times during Wimbledon, including for an audible obscenity during a fiery match against the Greek top seed Stefanos Tsitsipas. During that game, he shouted at the umpire and called him “a disgrace.”

Earlier on in the tournament when Kyrgios advanced to his second Wimbledon quarterfinal, he arrived at his press conference wearing a red hat and red shoes, ignoring the all-white attire of Wimbledon, and got himself into an entertaining verbal rally with a reporter over the policy.

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