Raducanu’s new fitness coach Jez Green could be her game changer

Raducanu’s new fitness coach Jez Green could be her game changer

Tim Henman says Emma Raducanu’s struggle to get fitter is on path after a hiring new fitness coach

It appears that Emma Raducanu’s decision to team up with fitness coach Jez Green could be the best decision of her life. Tim Henman finally feels that she is back on the right track.

The first year Emma Raducanu spent competing on the WTA Tour was physically arduous, besieged with also several issues. Raducanu has set out to fortify herself while preventing injury after she has been plagued by injuries and a stubborn blister issue. The preparation and training of Raducanu have drawn significant debate, with people even wrongly quizzical about her commitment.

Talking with The Times, Henman remarked: “For Emma Raducanu, working with Jez Green, doing the track work, the gym work, using his skill and experience allied with her work ethic, she’ll certainly be fitter, stronger, faster. Having watched her train over the last 4 to six weeks, she’s really putting in those hard yards to build that resilience.”

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