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Why is Nick Kyrgios obsessed with mocking Djokovic

Why is Nick Kyrgios obsessed with mocking Djokovic

Why is Nick Kyrgios obsessed with mocking Djokovic ?

Nick Kyrgios aped Novak Djokovic’s match-winning commemoration as he walked out to an empty arena for his 2nd round doubles match on Sunday.

Nick Kyrgios’ obsession of imitating world No.1 Novak Djokovic doesn’t appear to be decelerating any time soon, with the opinionated Australian star once again making fun of the Serbian star’s characteristic victory celebration.

Djokovic frequently marks his triumphs with his legendary ‘heart throwing’ celebration as a way to thank the fans – but he was ridiculed for doing so in front of an vacant stadium during the 2020 US Open last year.

With the Australian Open deprived of crowds after getting underway with audiences earlier in February thanks to an outburst of the coronavirus in Melbourne, Kyrgios and doubles partner Thanasi Kokkinakis arrived at an eerily quiet Show Court 1 for their match against 4th seeds Wesley Koolhof and Lukasz Kubot.

Evidently pointing to Djokovic’s much-panned US Open celebration, Kyrgios mocked the move as he strode onto the court for the 2nd round doubles clash.

While Kyrgios and Kokkinakis were defeated by Koolhof and Kubot 6-3, 6-4, fans on social media took more notice of the Australian star’s most recent dig at Djokovic.

While Novak Djokovic recently said he doesn’t have ‘much respect’ for Nick Kyrgios, the Serbian icon had bigger issues on his mind after defeating Milos.

Kyrgios Djokovic war of words is going on for a long time and doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Nick Kyrgios is known for his blunt criticism’s but off late he has had taken it to a sarcastic high by doing mock Djoko drills. Fans are enjoying this all the way. Let us hope it remains good spirited character jabbing on both sides and doesn’t effect thier careers in tennis!

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