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Nick Kyrgios is the black sheep of tennis according to Stefanos Tsitsipas

Nick Kyrgios is the black sheep of tennis according to Stefanos Tsitsipas

Nick Kyrgios is the black sheep of tennis according to Stefanos Tsitsipas

Greek top seed and world number 7 Stefanos Tsitsipas has called unpredictable Nick Kyrgios the black sheep, adding that he likes attention and nothing is wrong with it.

Greek tennis star Stefanos Tsitsipas has elaborated in detail about his “not very close friend” Nick Kyrgios ahead of the 2021 Australian Open. Stefanos has applauded the mercurial Australian player but also called him the black sheep of tennis.

Nick Kyrgios, the Australian world number 47 is known for his electrifying shots and hot-headed mindset on the court. He can be very often seen puzzling the fans and the opposition with his natural talent. Also, he never shies away from expressing his view or blasting the champions of the game including the likes of Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. There have also been times when Nick Kyrgios has gotten into prolonged quarrels with the match officials during live matches.

“Nick, he is the black sheep of men’s pro tennis. He likes to do unstable stuff. He likes to be the center of attention, let’s not refute that. And there is nothing wrong with that.” Tsitsipas said on the No Challenges Remaining radio podcast from his quarantine in Melbourne.

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“He has his own character, which turns out, some people adore him for it. A lot of people despise him for it and don’t comprehend it. But there are some people who follow him almost as though he is some sort of cult leader. I think it’s absolutely fine and every sport needs that. It is entertaining and it is fun. It’s something exceptional and unique that not many players have.

“I wouldn’t say we share a very close friendship but we do connect on FaceTime occasionally and at strange times. Sometimes even at 1 am. I don’t get it.

“As long as he’s not discourteous,” he said. “He may have been a few times and that’s not cool but when he’s in full respect of the game and does the right thing, it’s certainly enjoyable to watch,” he added.

Nick Kyrgios and Stefanos Tsitsipas have known each other since 2014 but it took 5 years for the pair to play doubles together at a event in Washington DC.

Nick Kyrgios himself has acknowledged in the past that he has been carefree about his tennis. But what Tsitsipas saw then was not the same. It was after the doubles pair lost in 3 sets in the round of 16.

“He is very manic. Despises any loss. Trust me. He just can’t stand to lose. I didn’t anticipate it myself,” Tsitsipas said from pre Australian Open 2021 quarantine in Melbourne on the No Challenges Remaining podcast

“We played doubles in Washington DC and after he came off the court he was so frustrated, so angry and I was in shock. I didn’t think he would react that way.”

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