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Maria Sharapova’s Speed & Skill on Display in her latest Boxing Workout Video

Maria Sharapova’s Speed & Skill on Display inher latest Boxing Workout Video

Maria Sharapova’s Speed & Skill on Display inher latest Boxing Workout Video : Watch this video in which Maria Sharapova shows off her boxing skills alonwith MMA workout session with trainer Tommy Cassano.

Maria Sharapova is not only a tennis legend, in fact she has several avatars in the realm of fitness.
Her passion for boxing has increasingly become evident based on her workout videos being posted on social media.
The 34-year-old, who retired over a year back from pro tennis, took up boxing training while she was served a doping ban (from tennis) which began in 2016.

She has been posting a series of pad work clips to reveal her progression.

Sharapova captioned her latest post in this series: “Every day counts 👊Strong body, strong mind.”

When Sharapova finally returned to tennis in 2017, following a 15 month interruption due to the ban, she disclosed that boxing helped keep her busy.

Sharapova said: “I tried boxing as I needed to keep myself in peak shape.

She also added some humour to her comments and was heard saying “It was great as I could imagine some particular people whom I wanted to hit.”

The former World Tennis No1 is not the only sportsperson to have a fascination for boxing.

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema also divulged he was considering taking up a career in the ring after his retirement from football.

Benzema made his surprise disclosure in a YouTube chat with his kickboxer pal Fouad Ezbiri.

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